Just like personal grooming is important in human beings, dog grooming is also very necessary for dogs. Some of the advantages of dog grooming include:

1. Improves the appearance of your dog and they look and smell great.
2. Decreases the amount of shedding – removing the dead fur and letting the healthy fur shine through.
3. Removes dead skin & keeps coats shiny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils.
4. Stimulation from brushing and shampooing increases blood flow.
5. Regular bathing eliminates or minimizes skin disease.
6. Controls fleas and ticks.
7. Toe nail trimming is essential to avoid paw pain and joint issues when walking on overgrown nails.
8. Hair trimming removes excessive hair around the the face which causes eye irritation and infection if not trimmed.
9. Cleaning ears reduces the risk of infections and mites.
10.Teeth brushing helps keep teeth clean in between routine dental
cleanings and helps prevent plaque and gingivitis.
11.Helps keep ticks and fleas at bay.
12. Decreases the dog smell in your house, in your car, on your clothes.

In essence, dog grooming is an important part of any domestic pet’s lifestyle. The outcome of regular grooming will be a happy and a healthy animal. Proper grooming can prolong the life of your animal ensuring that your dog will stay with you for many more years to come.