Maintaining Dog’s Health with Pet Grooming in Frisco

Pet grooming is an ideal way to keep your beloved dog neat and clean. It is essential for the physical and mental health of your furry friend. Regular pet grooming helps to maintain hygiene, mood, behavior and looks. Pet parents may get the services of pet groomers in Frisco offered by Bliss Pet Resort & Spa at affordable price.

Advantages of pet grooming

Pet grooming provides several benefits to your furry friend, these include:


Bathing is significant for the overall health of a pooch. Regular baths provide physical comfort to your pet by removing excessive oil, dead skin, fleas and ticks from their coat. Professionals use quality shampoos and conditioners which are especially made for dogs that help to make their coat shinier and healthier.  If your pup has a skin condition like flaky, dermatitis, hair loss, folliculitis and yeast infection, talk to pet groomers before taking their services.


Routine brushing is ideal for the dental health of your pup. Experts use only quality mouth gel and spray which are alcohol free that reduce plaque and tarter. Regular brushing helps to control plaque, gingivitis and periodontal disorders. If your canine has bad breath, it’s a signal of dental issue. See a vet doctor and get dental assistance for your dog.

Nail trims and pawdicure

Dogs need to have their paws well maintained and manicured on regular basis. Long or untrimmed nails and untidy paw pads may lead to several health, mobility and structural issues. Professional pet groomer carefully clips dog’s long and sharp nails and attentively trims their pad’s hair so that they easily walk and put full weight on their paws.

Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is also essential for the health of your doggie. Frequent ear cleaning helps to minimize the risks of developing eye infections and diseases which are caused by bacteria and fungus. The structure of dog’s ear is long and horizontal which does not enable moisture to efficiently drain. Professional pet groomers pluck excess ear hair and clean the dog’s ears by using gentle and scent-free ear cleaning solution.

Remove excess hair

Some pet breeds of dogs grow excessive amount of hair between their paw pads, toes and perianal area that need to be cleaned and trimmed on regular basis. Excess hair in these areas can cause hygiene problems, gather dirt or dust and even may lead to defecation and urination problems, Experts clean around these areas so that your pup feels relaxed and comfortable.

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