Dog Daycare

Dog daycare at Bliss Pet Resort & Spa is offered half days or full days. (Check out the webcams on on home page!)

Half Day Hours: Any 6 hours or less Monday to Saturday.

Full Day Hours: 7am to 6:30 Monday to Friday, extended pick up until 7pm ($15 fee), Saturday 8am to 5pm  (no daycare offered on Sundays)

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A few of our littles playing with a kennel tech

You may drop off or pick up your dog(s) at any time during these hours with the exception of between 12:30pm and 2pm. An important component of all day play is time away from the pack to rest and relax. Your dog will need a break for his physical and mental well being to rest and relax. Each dog will be provided their own space to take a mid-day nap.

We offer daycare by the day, or you can purchase a package of days to be used during a 3 month time period (recommended). Full-day daycare ranges in price from $23/day to $28/day while half-day daycare ranges from $19 to $23/day with a package.

1 & 2 dogs Daycare Rates- effective february 1st 2016
Number Of Days                      Full Day  1 & 2 dogs                              Half Day 1 & 2 dogs
1 $28  / 48 $23 /$20
10 $260 / $450 $220 / —
20 500 / $860 $400 /—
30 $700 / —- $570 /—
pLEASE CALL FOR RATES FOR MORE 2 DOGS.Watch your dog play in daycare on our indoor and outdoor webcams!  Webcams are available in our large outdoor yards and inside our daycare play rooms.
Daschund day at Bliss

Daschund day at Bliss

dog boarding daycare frisco mckinney prosper kennel

Kennel Techs work on obedience daily with daycare dogs. John has a nice group sit from the group.