How long is a full day of daycare? A half day?
A full day of daycare is your pet attending 6 or more hours of daycare. A half-day of daycare is any 6 hours or less of daycare. 
Does my dog have to attend everyday?
You may come everyday if you like (Monday-Saturday) or two or three days a week, or any other pattern you wish with a minimum of 1 day per week. It is up to you and your pet to decide the number of days and regularity your dog(s) attends day care. We do ask you choose a schedule and stick with it though so Bliss’ daycare dogs are used to the same playmates each time they are here.
What are your daycare cancellation policies?
If you need to cancel a daycare day, we require a 24 hour notice to avoid being charged. You may cancel a day using our secure online reservation system from our website.
What if I am late picking up my dog?
If you are late picking up your dog after 12pm (half-day), you will be charged for a full day of daycare. If you are late picking your dog(s) up after 6:30pm, we charge a $20 late fee. If your dog(s) is not picked up by 7pm, your dog(s) will be boarded with us overnight and you will be responsible for boarding fees and late pick up fees.
Do boarded dogs received daycare services?
No, our boarded guests do not receive our regular daycare service. Daycare service is only for our regular daycare customers. Boarded dogs receive a minimum of 4 potty/play breaks daily plus one specialty service daily included in there stay with us. If you are a regular daycare customer, your dog(s) can participate in daycare free of charge on their regularly scheduled days.
Do I have to commit to a schedule?
Yes, for the comfort and safety of all daycare dogs, we ask you choose a weekly schedule that best suits you and your dog(s). We also may suggest specific days depending on the mix of dog personalities/play styles already attending daycare.
Does my dog need a flea and tick preventative to attend?
Yes, all dogs attending dog daycare must be a on a regular flea and tick preventative. In the event we find fleas, we will contact you to come pick up your dog.
Do you accept all breeds?
Yes, all dog breeds are welcome. Owners need to certify that their pet(s) have not harmed or shown aggression toward any person or other pet. If a pet shows aggression he/she may be asked to withdraw from our daycare service.
Is my dog supervised during daycare?
Yes, there is one pet care professional to every 10-15 dogs. The pet care professional keeps a careful watch and makes sure a good time is had by all.
How do I know my dog is being cared for properly?
We have webcams in both indoor daycare rooms and one outdoor play yard so you can tune in anytime of the day from your computer or smart phone and watch your pet playing and having fun with his/her playmates.
I have a small dog, will he be safe?
Some small dogs enjoy running with the big dogs but we have a special area for the little ones to romp with his/her smaller friends. We separate our playgroups by size, temperament, and activity level.
What will my dog do all day?
Run! Play! Wrestle! Socialize with playmates, lounge around and talk the latest gossip with new friends!
What vaccinations are required?
We require rabies every 3 years and distemper combo & bordetella every year. We also require a flea & tick preventative.
Where does my dog go potty?
Our guests can go potty when and where they like. Our staff is with the dogs at all times to immediately clean up after them.
Will my dog get hurt while attending daycare?
The safety of the dogs is always our first priority. In our initial interview and temperament test, we make every attempt to weed out possible aggressive behavior or dogs that might attract aggressive behavior. We closely monitor dogs and keep play on a fun, friendly basis so that it doesn’t become too wild or confrontational. However, dogs use their mouths & paws to play; therefore, little scratches & nicks are not uncommon. If anything serious should happen, we will transport your dog to a nearby veterinarian if needed and notify you immediately.
If my dog goes potty anywhere he likes at daycare will he do this at home?
No! Dogs are very good at learning they can do one behavior in one location and another behavior in a different location. If your pet is house-trained at home – he will remain house-trained at home. Your home does not have 30 canine residents with all their attendant odors. Your dog will definitely know the difference between home and daycare.
It’s my dog(s) first time at daycare, what do I need to bring?
Please call to schedule an interview & temperament test with us and bring in the completed application forms and current vaccination records. After going through your application with you, we will perform a trial day of daycare with your dog(s) and give you the results when you pick him/her up. This must be scheduled in advance.
What happens at the interview/ temperament test day?
We take time to read your pets registration forms and go over with you, any important information specific to your pet. Your pet will be introduced to a couple of new playmates one at a time to see how he/she will react to new friends.
Do you feed my dog during daycare?
Feeding dogs in this type of setting is not recommended because of possible aggression and resource guarding. In addition, dogs are generally not interested in eating as they are more interested in playing with all of their friends! However, in the case of very young puppies (under 5 months of age) and/or medical reasons, we would be happy to feed your dog in a separate area as needed.
My pet has special needs. Will this cost extra?
No, most medications will be handled at no extra cost to you. Pets with handicaps are welcome at daycare and placed in an appropriate playgroup.
If I purchase a daycare package, may it be used towards boarding?
No, daycare packages may not be used towards boarding costs. However, all regular daycare customers receive free daycare when boarding.
Do you offer any discounts?
We offer prepaid packages (please see our packages page). We also offer 10% discount on multi family pets and senior citizen pets.
Do you offer your services to older pets?
Yes! All ages are welcome. Older or handicapped dogs will be placed in appropriate playgroups to provide them some relaxation time if they wish. There is a 10% discount for senior pets over 10 years old.
What if my pet becomes ill during daycare?
We will try in all cases to use your veterinarian in the event of a pet emergency. If your veterinarian is not within close proximity of Bliss Pet Resort & Spa, we will use the closes available veterinarian. You will receive a call in all instances of illness.