Doggie daycare isn’t necessarily going to be a great fit for every dog. Daycare works best for dogs that enjoy other dogs company, are active, and puppies learning to socialize.

If your dog exhibits any of these patterns, doggie daycare may not be right for him/her:

  • Has not ever been around other dogs
  • Does not enjoy the company of other dogs
  • Is fearful, shy, or prefers his/her own company
  • Has a “history” of abuse or neglect


We will do a temperament test for each dog before allowing them to play with the pack. We watch the dogs’ body language (while introducing them to one dog at a time) which tells us if they are comfortable or stressed. It can take a couple of days for a dog to warm up to a new environment but we will know a lot of information based on the first few minutes of the introductions. If doggie daycare is not right for your dog(s), we do offer alternatives.11713_10153671941932509_2477898009736867282_n

-A pet sitter can come to your home to exercise and play with your dog(s) while you work. This is less stressful for pets that do not prefer the fun involved with dog pack play. For more information on dog walking by a pet sitter, please visit our sister company, Personable Pet Care