At Bliss Pet Resort, we are a home away from home for your pet. Each of our canine guests will enjoy lavishly appointed private suites with hotel like amenities.

Each individual Deluxe suite is appointed with:

  • Full glass doors to ease separation anxiety
  • Privacy with solid walls on sides and back
  • Completely sealed tiled walls with epoxy grout for maximum hygiene
  • Non-porous and no seams epoxy flooring for 100% sanitation cleaning
  • Crystal pendant drop mood lighting set for relaxation
  • Soothing Music
  • Movie watching on flat-screen TV’s
  • Premium, lush bedding
  • Natural outdoor lighting (may inquire availability when booking)
  • All suites throughly cleaning & sanitized twice daily

In addition we provide all our guests:

  • Two meals per day (pets familiar food from home or our premium pet food*)
  • 4 play/potty/exercise times per day in our large outdoor yards
  • Nightly turn down service with fresh evening linens
  • A bed-time snack

Our Individualized Approach

We realize your pet is an individual and do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Choosing one or more speciality services for your dog(s) stay allows us to meet the individual needs of each of our guests. One daily speciality service per day, per dog is included at no additional charge. Additional services are $10 per dog, per day. Happy Choosing! Speciality Services

Choose One: Each speciality service beyond one is $10 per dog.

  • Extra TLC: For the dog(s) that enjoy affection and attention & one-on-one care, we offer lots of tlc, cuddle time, and belly rubs.
  • Small Group Play: For active, social dogs, dogs are matched with small groups of similar play-style dogs
  • Leash Walk: For A leash walk around the resort.*
  • Sports-Play: Fetch, tug, high-energy play with a care provider.
  • Puzzle Toys: Two puzzle toys given at mid-morning and afternoon give your pup constant stimulation during their down time.
  • Treat-loaded Kong- peanut butter frozen in a jumbo kong gives pet several hours of licking enjoyment.

Deluxe Suites Rates

Number of Dog Cost Per Dog Total Cost all Dogs
$38 $38
$38 + $24 $62
$38 + $24 + $20 $82

Please note: Accommodation availability based on breed and weight of dogs in pet family.

Holidays, add $10 per day for the following holiday time periods: New Years though Jan 5th, Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Week of Thanksgiving, Christmas (Dec 18-Dec 31st) *This charge allows us to provide our staff monetary incentive to spend time away from their own families during busy,
holiday periods.