Cat Boarding

Cats at Bliss Pet Resort & Spa live the life of luxury in our Royal Kitty Townhouses. Each cat (or cat family) will have a 7’7’’ tower with 6 resting shelves to explore. Our Royal Kitty Townhouses give them their privacy that they so craze plus the opportunity to get the physical exercise that they need, while being in a safe secure, disease free environment. For the more social and playful kitties at heart, they’ll have plenty of fun on the floor to celling cat tree viewing the lobby.

Cat Boarding Rates

Number of Cats Cost Per Cat Total Cost all Cats
Cat Boarding Frisco $25 $25
Cat Boarding Prosper Cat Boarding $25 + $20 $45
Pet Boarding Kennels Pet Hotel $25 + $20 + $15 $60

Each Royal Kitty Townhouse holds 3 adult cats comfortably.