Is boarding a good option for every pet? The correct answer is no, it is not. For some pets, boarding can be stressful. At Bliss Pet Resort & Spa, we have designed the facility to feel like home, but we both know, it’s still not your home.

Here are some common signs to determine if an alternative to traditional boarding may be a better option for your pet.

  • Pet is uneasy leaving home
  • Pet dislikes car rides
  • Pet doesn’t want to part from you
  • Pet doesn’t like the company of other pets
  • Pet is a senior who is used to a familiar home routine
  • Pet is a puppy/kitten who is younger than 4 months

If any of these scenarios describe your pet, it may be best to hire a professional pet sitter to care for them in the comfort of your own home. Pet sitters are professional, insured and bonded care takers that come to your
house several times throughout the day (or stay overnight) to provide essential care items and spending time providing love and attention one-onone with your pet(s). Our sister company, Personable Pet Care has a certified pet sitting staff that will provide all the professional care your pet(s) will need while you are away and will even send you daily personal updates. For more information on a obtaining a pet sitter in Prosper, Frisco, or other location visit here.