At Bliss Pet Resort & Spa, we are an all-suite pet boarding center with a hotel-like feel for your kiddos. We offer the comfort and luxury of a hotel for pets but differ from a true pet hotel in that we have over 5000 sq feet of outdoor plush, green artificial turf for your dog to run, play, and relieve themselves. We offer two different types of boarding suites for dogs. Our Deluxe suites are our standard size suites (6×4) that accommodate 3 smaller dogs or 2 mid size or 1 -2 large dogs comfortably. For dogs that require a little extra leg room, our Grand Suites (10×4) offer more spacious accommodations and the added benefit of an in-suite camera to view your babies whenever you want. Our prices are based on the number of pets staying in each suite. See our rate tables for more information.1490515_10201275230424888_1725909013_o 1002659_757232977620499_739788251_n

At Bliss, we pack a a lot of value into our boarding services. While some places charge extra for doggie playtime, we include about 2 hours of play time in the morning and in the afternoon for our boarded pups. And you can watch all the action right from your smart phone on our convenient app.  You may choose between 1 to 4+ hours of play daily.* (Must pass a temperament evaluation)

For those dogs that aren’t able to play with other dogs in the pack, we offer 4 potty breaks a day (roughly about every 2 -3 hours) included at no additional charge plus one special service a day for $4/dog. We allow you to choose a service that is a good fit for your dogs individual needs and preferences. We want each day to be as active as possible while in our care. We believe an active dog is a healthy dog.

Examples of speciality services for our non-daycare dogs: ($4 per dog)

  • Extra TLC: For the dog(s) that enjoy affection and attention & one-on-one care, we offer lots of tlc, cuddle time, and belly rubs in one of our large expansive yards.
  • Sports-Play: Fetch, tug, high-energy play with a care provider.
  • Puzzle Toys: Puzzle toys given at mid-morning and afternoon give your pup constant stimulation during their down time.
  • Treat-loaded Kong- Peanut butter frozen in a jumbo kong gives pet several hours of licking enjoyment.