What vaccinations are required to board my dog(s)?
Rabies – required once every year (or 3 years depending on which vaccine your vet administers)
DHLPP – required once every year (or 3 years depending on which vaccine your vet administers)
Bordetella – required once every 6 months (or 1 year depending on which vaccine your vet administers)
What are check-in and check-out times?
Due to our twice daily, exceptional cleaning schedule (Early AM and Mid-Day), check-in is from 2:00pm to 6:00pm Monday to Friday,Saturday 2pm to 5pm, Sundays 2pm to 5:45pm. Check-outs are from 7am to 12:30pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8am to 12:30pm, and Sunday 2pm to 5pm. We close from 12″30pm to 2:00pm Monday to
Saturday to allow our daycare dogs to rest and relax from morning play. If you need late check-out (after 2pm), please book this with your reservation to ensure we can keep your dog(s) in his/her suite until you arrive. (1/2 day boarding charge for late check-out applies) This is also the same for early check-in.
Can I tour the pet resort?
Yes, we offer tours everyday of the week during our business hours with the exception of 1:302pm to 2:00pm, as we are closed for daycare nap-time, cleaning, and staff lunches. You can also view a virtual tour of our facility here.
Can I bring my dogs favorite toys or blanket?
You may bring 1-2 toys for your dog(s) and 1 blanket per dog. Toys must be labeled with a permanent marker to ensure they are not lost or misplaced. If your dog has a special blanket he/she sleeps with at home, it is okay to bring, but is not necessary as we provide fresh liens to each of our guests. All items must be labeled with a permanent marker with your pets name. We can not guarantee all items will be returned in the same manner they were brought in as we have no control over dogs possible destruction of such toys or blankets.
Whats your policy should my dog(s) become sick?
If your dogs tummy is upset, we will add a little pumpkin to their food to aid them. For more serious situations, we will contact you to let you know what is going on (or your emergency contact if you are unreachable) and then take your dog(s) to your veterinarian for treatment if he/she is within Prosper, or to any of our veterinarians we have established relationships with in the area. The medical release you sign, authorizes Bliss Pet Resort & Spa to seek medical treatment in your absence.
Can I make reservations online?
We have a 24-7 online reservations system for your convenience. If you are boarding your pet for the first time, please call our office to inquire first and receive directions on how to establish your dog(s) as our guest.
Do you have someone there 24 hours a day?
Our staff ensures all dogs a last potty break around 7pm and we leave for the night. Boarding dogs do not go longer than 12 hours overnight without relief, as our morning staff will relieve the dogs into our potty yards at 6am. At Bliss Pet Resort & Spa, we have a state of the art security monitoring system and cameras for management to watch over the premise using a smart phone or a computer, 24-7. Management lives only a few miles away and is always on-call to the pet resort after-hours.
What is your minimum age for boarding a dog?
Our primary concern is the welfare of our guests. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs is after the first week of the second round of puppy shots. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of shots at 6-8 weeks. Rabies vaccine is recommended around 12-24 weeks. Your puppy must have DHPP, Bordatella, and Rabies to board with us. If your puppy has not had these vaccines, we recommend using a pet sitting service to care of your puppy in your home while you travel. Check out our sister company, Personable Pet Care.
Do you board unaltered dogs?
We will board unaltered dogs however they are not carefully monitored during playtime with any other dogs due to risk of being in heat with females, or aggression with unaltered males. We reserve the right to exercise them individually if this becomes an issue.
Why did I get charged for Sunday?
Most kennels are closed on Sundays, but as a courtesy to our customers, we have decided to provide checkout hours on Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 6pm. As animal lovers ourselves, we understand how eager you are to be reunited with your pet.Rates are based on the day of boarding, not just as an overnight charge. Our staff begins tending to pet guests in our care at 6 a.m., so before you arrive for check out, your pet will have been fed, exercised, had his boarding suite cleaned and, in some cases, have been bathed to prepare for going home. It is those services that you pay for when your pet stays until Sunday afternoon.
Do you discount for long term boarding?
No, we do not. We provide any guests staying 7 days or longer with a complimentary spa bath prior to check-out.
I’m boarding my dog(s) for the first time? What should I expect?
Your dog(s) will adjust quickly to Bliss Pet Resort & Spa’s staff and our routines. Feeding, cleansing, exercise, and staff monitoring are all scheduled events that bring routine and structure to their home-like environment.You can do some things to help prepare your pet in the days before your pet is to be our guest. First, establish (or reinforce) a routine schedule of meal times and limit feedings to twice per day, if possible. We feed in the morning, and again in the early evening. (We can also feed lunches if this is a normal routine)
Also, we quiet the pet resort down after closing hours to give the pets adequate rest and comfort. It’s best if your evening schedule, in the week before boarding, is stable and consistent, and getting the pet(s) into a comfortable “wind down” to their day in the evening which will enable them to adjust quickly to their stay with us.
Can all my pets stay together in the same suite?
We require a deposit of one nights stay when making your reservation at Bliss Pet Resort & Spa. We have a fully refundable 7 day cancellation policy in place should your plans change and this allows us time to re-book the suite as well.
Will my dog be in his boarding suite all day?
No, at Bliss Pet Resort, we offer a minimum of 4 outdoor potty/play time breaks per day for each of our guests plus an additional specialty service (walk, group play, one-on-one, etc) provided by a caring pet care professional. To view our speciality services included at no additional charge, check out our Deluxe Suites or Grand Suites for details.
Are your facilities all indoor?
No, when choosing our location, it was extremely important to have a large outdoor area with several fenced in yards and potty areas for the dogs to run and play and get sunshine. Some “pet hotels” are all indoors and to us, sunshine and fresh air is a key ingredient to a happy, healthy dog. We have over 8000 sq feet of combined indoor and outdoor space here at Bliss Pet Resort & Spa.
How often is my dogs suite cleaned?
Each suite is fully sanitized twice daily, in the middle of the day, (before new guests check in beginning at 2:30pm) and in the morning before we open. Our pet care staff continually spot checks suites throughout the day to ensure any pet messes are completely removed and sanitized. Most dogs will do their elimination during their outdoor break times as to not soil their “den.” Each dog will receive fresh, clean linens at bedtime as well and any soiled linens will be replaced as needed throughout the day.
What items should I bring from home?
We strongly encourage you to keep your dog on his/her same food diet. Please bring the food in pre-portioned ziplock baggies for each meal with your dogs name clearly marked in permanent marker. If wet food, please label it with your dogs name and how much to give at each meal. A change in diet can trigger a sensitive stomach bout which we want to avoid, so keeping your dog on his/her diet is recommended. We offer a high quality kibble at $2/meal.
Will you administer medication to my dog(s)?
We do not care for dogs that require insulin shots. Our sister company, Personable Pet Care, has trained pet sitters to care for your diabetic dog(s) needs in your home. We will administer other types of medications such as oral pills or liquids, medications for the eyes, ears, and ointments/sprays/ gels for other areas of the body as directed. All medications must be in their original prescribed containers with clearly marked instructions and pet name.
Can my dog catch a disease?
The risk of catching a disease while boarding at Bliss Pet Resort is low. We require up-to-date vaccines for all dogs participating in any service at the resort. We also have high efficiency 2nd air handler/HVAC system in our daycare and boarding suites area, equivalent to hospital grade, to remove the entire air within the dog spaces every 10 minutes. Fresh air from outsides then piped back into these areas. We invested a lot of money into our air handler system to ensure disease transmission was virtually unrealistic here at Bliss Pet Resort & Spa. We also use a state of the art cleaning system by Aqua-Air, that requires no smelly, waste collecting drains in our building. The Aqua-Air system steam cleans our floors and walls killing any and all bacteria.